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No Carnival? o.O

I think...Carnival is finally over! Yay! Whoa, thanks god it is. It's really horrible, that so many people can be happy just because of these stupid days. They drink beer or other alcohol, laugh, make jokes, put on funny, embarrassing clothes and scream around. I can understand that there are a FEW crazy people in Germany. But not that many ._. Come on...these days weren't that special, apart from the fact, that there was free alcohol.
Thanks god carnival is only once in a year...Otherwise I'd definitely go crazy.

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6.2.08 17:29

Le Gasp!

Oh mii Gawd! Look who's making a Blog. Moi =3
Well. I really hope that at least this little project will work out. If not, then I'll just delete it....if I don't forget it. 

Thanks god I don't have school today. It's the only time I actually enjoy living in Germany. Thanks god carnival is so popular here. But actually I'd prefer to be somewhere else...
Ah, it's horrible when you can't be with someone you really want to be with, isn't it?

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4.2.08 14:43

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