Kiss from a Rose


Name: Xen
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Location: Germany
Status: Happily taken

Why?. I'm going to write this blog, because I'm sure, that it will be pretty much fun. Who knows, maybe I'll even get some fans or get to know some interesting people. Mainly I'm doing this because I'm bored. But I like writing, so it's alright.

Who?. It's going to be about anyone in my life. Which also contains some famous people. I'm only writing about my own opinion here, I don't want to offend anyone and I apologize if some sentences sound like a harrassment.

Contact?. If you want to talk to me or discuss something, just leave a message in my guestbook. You can also leave your MSN-Address there, if you're interested in a chat. i'll reply in any case.

Other questions?. ASK! =D

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