Kiss from a Rose

Kyle: I love you. There isn't anything that could describe or sum up better than these three little words. And still they're not enough...and I doubt they'll ever be. It won't be long and we'll finally meet. I really don't know what it would be like without you. I miss you more and more by every day that passes by. But I know this all will be worth it. It is worth it.

Mark: Oh man. You're so damn amazing and you should finally realize it. We've been friends for almost three years now and we still have a lot of fun together. You're still a perv and a pig though and I guess I have that all from you = P. It's great to have a friend like you though, because I know, that I can always count on you. Thanks for caring so much about me and still being my friend... Ah Mark. Seriously, you are ace. Believe it finally.

Amyy: Whoa, you lil' errodic Zuggaschneggä! Let's play Shibuyah and sing Voyasch Voyasch my Cheri Cheri Lady! We always have fun and I'm glad that I know you. I could ALWAYS laugh my butt off when I talk to you, it's just awesome xD. Thanks =]

Brandyn: You lil' super-duper-cutie. How can people not like you? It's unbelievable >.>. You're really awesome and caring and i'm glad to have you. I'm looking forward for that special day, when you'll wear a pink dress. Thanks for believing in me. And see? Things are actually getting better and people do like you =]

Ayman: Ay, Ay! We don't talk that much anymore, it's a shame ._. . Because you're a real cutie too! I hope everything will be alright in your life again...x.x. Though, you should talk to at least one person about it...I wish you luck ._. And I'll always be there for you.

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