Kiss from a Rose


Music usually is a big part of people's lives. It expresses emotions they can't put into words and they sing lines people can't express with their own words.
Music is also an important part of my life. Without music I'd have gone insane. There is a song for every emotion. And even if the words aren't right, the melody is still a part of it. It doesn't matter whether it's Rock, Rap, Techno or anything else as long as you get the feeling that the music can express a part of you. You listen to music and just feel comfortable with it. You dream with music. You make wishes. It gives you strengh when you need it and it calms you down, when you feel upset. People who actually take their time and try to make music, because they want to touch people with it are amazing. They really are. They even should get a medal for at least trying it...and an even bigger medal for sharing it with others, rescuing their lives or giving them back some things they thought they had already lost...
I listen to a lot of music. So here, read some questions and answers:

1. The song, you've listened to the most:
Linkin Park-Numb

2. A song, which reminds you of our childhood:
No Angels-I wanna be sunlight

3. A song, that makes you melancholic:
Die Toten Hosen-Nur zu Besuch

4. A song you listen to, when you're angry:
Bushido-Zeiten ändern sich

5. A song, written by yourself:
"By Myself"

6. A song, which makes you feel good:
Dieter Thomas Kuhn-Über den Wolken (xD Sawy Amyy)
Die Ärzte-Lasse Redn'

7. A song, which reminds you on a past relationship:
Papa Roach-Last Resort

8. A song, that cheers you up:
Die Ärzte-Lasse Redn'
My Chemical Romance-I'm not okay(I promise)

9. A Cover, which you like more than the original:
Linkin Park-Wish

10. An original, which you like more than the cover:
Johnny Cash-Hurt

11. A song, which gives you the feeling to play and sing too:
Die Ärzte-Schrei nach Liebe

12. A song, that makes you sad:
Rammstein-Ohne dich

13. A beautiful, german song:
Silbermond-Das Beste

14. A Song you can't listen to anymore, because you've listened to it too often:
"Das rote Pferd"

15. A catchy tune:
John Bon Jovi-It's my life

16. A song, you want to be played on your funeral:
Metallica-Nothing else matters

17. A song, that reminds you on a vacation:
Pink-U+Ur Hand

18. A song, that makes you automatically hum:
Jimmy Eat World-If you don't. Don't.

19. Your favourite instrumental song:
Silbermond: Symphonie

20. A song, that's about sex:
The Peaches-Fuck the pain away (Mark, I blame you for that -.-)

21. A song that's about love:
A Fine Fenzy-Almost Lover

22. A song which is sung by a man and a woman:
Kid Rock feat. Sheryl Crow-Picture

23. A song you like to listen to, when it's rainy and cold outside:
Evanescence-My Immortal

24. A song, that reminds you on food:
NOFX-Eat the meek (xD)

25. The song that relates to you:

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